Local Solar Installation Advantages

A local solar installation company can provide a number of benefits to the homeowner. Unlike national companies, which are often driven by sales quotas, local companies can focus on personalized service. This means you’ll get better communication and customer support from a local solar company. Plus, you’ll get better service and support from a local solar installation company. Ultimately, you’ll save money and enjoy tax benefits. But what are the advantages of a local solar installation company? Learn more

Tax benefits

One of the best parts of a solar installation is the potential for a tax credit. Depending on the state you live in, you can qualify for as much as 30% of your entire system’s cost. The tax credit is then applied to your taxable income. The tax credit is not lost if you move to a new home or sell your old home. But you must make sure that your new solar system is installed before the end of the current tax year.

As of 2022, the federal government is encouraging homeowners to switch to solar by offering a tax credit of up to 26% on the total cost of the system. This credit applies to both residential and commercial solar systems and has no cap. In 2022, the average Energy Sage Marketplace shopper can expect to save nearly $9,000 in taxes. Here are a few examples of how this credit will impact your financial situation:

Savings on utility bills

The number of savings that a customer can expect from a solar installation can vary widely. The cost of a solar system will vary from one area to another, largely depending on the cost of grid energy. While some areas have comparatively cheap grid electricity, others are saddled with utility prices that are double or triple that of those in those areas. For example, the average cost of electricity in Connecticut has climbed to over $18 per kilowatt hour, while rates in Hawaii have topped $28/kilowatt-hour.

Purchasing a solar panel system will save you money on your electricity bill every month. Depending on your energy needs, a solar system can reduce your monthly utility bill by up to 50% or more. The more extensive the system is, the more money you can save. In some regions, it’s possible to sell the excess solar electricity you generate back to the power company. Solar panels can also dramatically reduce your overall utility bill, making them a great investment.

Understanding your system

One of the main advantages of selecting a local solar installation company is that you’ll be dealing with a smaller team. Smaller teams will understand your needs and will prioritize quality over quantity. Larger companies may compromise on details to move more product. They will also provide tutorials and monitoring throughout the life of your system. Local companies will also be more likely to develop lasting relationships with you and offer you support and service long after the project is completed.

Working with a local company

One of the many advantages of working with a local company for solar installation is that there are fewer middlemen involved. While larger, national solar companies may employ several employees, smaller local solar companies have only a few employees dedicated to your project. This means that you’ll get to deal with the same person throughout the entire process, from planning to installation. And while it’s possible to find the best system for your home, there are other factors to consider before deciding to go with a national company.

In addition to the personal touch, local solar companies provide better ongoing service. Unlike national companies, local solar companies have a dedicated staff of solar repair engineers and customer service representatives on hand to address your needs and concerns. They also understand the unique challenges your home presents, and can help you with any issues along the way. They can also help you with maintenance and repair issues that might arise after your installation. A fantastic read