Noel Dorwart Park is a Natural Preserve and Recreation Area

If you love the outdoors, you should visit the Noel Dorwart Park, a natural preserve and recreational area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its exotic green zones will make you want to spend hours here. You can enjoy various activities while walking and hiking the trails. Volunteerism and the park’s nature preserve are other benefits you should check out. You can learn about these things and more in this article. There are several things that you can do at Noel Dorwart Park, including hiking and bike riding, and more. Check it out here

Nature preserve

If you’re looking for a relaxing nature experience, consider hiking at the nature preserve at Noel Dorwart Park, located just outside Philadelphia. You can walk or bike along its meandering trails, which wind through wooded areas and meadows. The trails in the park connect to restaurants, Wegmans, and even the movie theater, so you’ll never be far from what you need.

Walking trails

If you’re looking for a scenic route that’s easy to navigate, consider walking trails in Noel Dorwart Park. The trails at the park are paved with crushed stone and wind around the largely-undeveloped park. They wind along wetlands, a wetland, and woodlands. A porta-potty is located at the trail entrance, so you can wash your hands without having to find a restroom.

The first section of the park’s hiking and biking trails is not yet considered a rail with trail. This segment crosses an active RR line, and freight trains are common sights between Good Drive and Farmingdale Road. Unfortunately, the spur path ends at a bridge over Little Conestoga Creek, and future plans call for it to extend to Route 23 and open space owned by Franklin & Marshall College. Learn more

Place to relax

If you want to find a serene retreat in the city of Philadelphia, look no further than Noel Dorwart Park. This park in Pennsylvania is known for its green zones, exotic trees, and other natural beauty. It is also a great place to picnic, relax, and take in scenic views. Whether you prefer hiking, cycling, or picnicking, Noel Dorwart Park is a great place to enjoy nature.


The Noel S. Dorwart Park on Good Drive was dedicated in 2009. A native of Lancaster, Noel was an AMBUCS player, a member of the Lancaster Pirates, and a longtime volunteer for the township’s community organizations. He was active in the community and served as a poll committee volunteer and a township committee chairman for many years. He also enjoyed camping and hiking, and his love of nature was evident in his activities and community projects. Next blog post

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